People who don’t have a USA visa but are willing to travel to the US can now enter the nation with the possession of a valid ESTA. Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is an automated system introduced by the US government on the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission Act 2007. ESTA determines your eligibility under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), collects biographic data, and answers frequently asked questions akin to the VWP. Although, you should keep this in mind that your final admission to the USA will be determined by the US Customs and Border Protection officers on arrival. You can apply for ESTA on the official website of the USA government but do read the instructions carefully before filling the application.

Filling process of the ESTA application may deem intimidating without any professional assistance. However, hiring an agent to do the job is also unnecessary which applicants should avoid getting into. We have given in this blog a step by step guide on how you can fill your application alone within minutes.

Step 1- You will first go to the official ESTA application website and land on ESTA online center homepage where you should click on “Apply for ESTA here” and get started with your application.

Step 2- Now, enter your application information and write your given name and family name as it is written in your passport. Moreover, you can also mention your other name or alias.

Step 3- Provide your passport information, including the number of the passports issued by your country along with their issuance and expiry date. Make sure you don’t mix the dates.

Step 4- Answer the questions pertaining to your nationality or citizenship in a country other than you mentioned as your country of citizenship. You are here required to disclose if you have ever in the past or at present been issued a passport or national identity card by another country. Also mention the expiry dates, document type, and issuing country.

Step 5- The next few columns in the application will ask you about your parent’s, contact, and address details. In the parents’ names section, you can write the name of your biological parents, adoptive or step-parents, or guardian. Moreover, select ‘yes’, if you want an emergency contact information to be registered. Here, you will also be asked to mention your given and family name as written on your debit or credit card.

Step 6- If you want, you can select ‘yes’ if you are employed and provide your past or present employer’s information.

Step 7- Now, you will enter your travel information and select ‘no’ if you will stay in the USA but select ‘yes’ if you will board a connecting flight as your departure from the USA. When staying in the USA, you will be required to disclose the address and contact number of the place where you will stay.

Step 8- Here comes the question-answer round consisting of nine questions to which you have to answer only ‘no’. Make sure you read every question carefully before answering as any erroneous act in this section can lead to USA ESTA application denial.

Step 9- On proceeding, you will encounter two consent statements which you have to check closely to see if there prevails any error. That done, you can click on ‘Check Information Before Sending’ and double check every information before clicking on ‘Send Above Information’.

Step 10- This will be the final step of your ESTA application where you will pay ESTA application fee using your credit or debit card.

After completing all the foregoing steps, you will receive an application receipt that you should keep safe for tracking the application screening process. At last, you will receive ESTA authorization by the US Customs and Border Protection officers via e-mail. Upon completing the application procedure carefully by following the aforementioned steps, you can diminish your chances of ESTA denial.