Counting on many reasons like the differences in the political landscapes, the variations in the economic factors and issues related to security, the standards for traveling to the other parts of the world also keep changing. While we compare it with the last few years, the immigration and visa norms for nationals coming to the US have changed very much. Out of the many types of Visas, the other factors that affect your application status are the nationality, job type, income level, purpose behind the travel and, much more. Remember that with the change in the country, your rules will also change, it is not necessarily true that the requirements as in the US will be applicable to the other country as well.

Talking about the nuances of the ESTA, it was first introduced with the intention to oust the I-94W green form by the Department of Homeland Security of the US soon after the 9/11 attacks. The sole aim to introduce the ESTA Visa was to filter the entrance of foreign nationals that may end up being a threat to the country.

Used for evaluating the acceptability of the foreign nationals coming to the US, ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is nothing but, a digital as well as an automatic framework working under the VWP category. Started with 2009, the Visa Waiver Program continues to work with the ESTA clearance and help the country maintain its security check. Starting from the application of the ESTA, soon after it is approved make note that it’s valid from the day to the next 2 years. Having an ESTA visa lets you travel to the US several times in the specified period with a condition to not stay more than 90 days at one stretch. As a matter of fact if you are traveling to the US no matter through which means, either from water or air routes, ESTA has to be in your hand while you travel from the VWP countries.

What’s the Need for ESTA?

There are certain circumstances why people from VWP countries choose to prefer ESTA, few of the conditions are stated below:

  • If they are doing an internship in any of the college or institution in the USA.
  • When they have to stay in the US for more than a month for any business-related needs.
  • If they are seeking any medical treatment in the US or getting hospitalized for several weeks.
  • If they are visiting their friends and relatives residing in the US.
  • If they are getting enrollment in the US University for any short-term courses.

What Are the Advantages of ESTA?

The ESTA visa definitely protects the US but, other than doing that it also benefits the VWP countries that are applying for it.

  • The first and foremost advantage is you don’t have to wait for so long to get it approved. Sometimes it takes a few minutes and your application gets cleared within the time period itself.
  • Unlike other visa application procedures that take months, it is the fastest one and lets you apply online with the ease of being at your home and going nowhere.
  • Once the ESTA visa gets approved, you have the liberty to pay as much as visits until the time period of 2 years gets over.

What to Know about an ESTA Visa?

While applying for an ESTA visa, you may come across a number of doubts followed by a bunch of misconceptions. However, here are facts you should look over before creating any of the thought in your mind.

  • Applying for an ESTA is important for kids as well. No matter what age or gender, the citizens from VWP countries should apply for it.
  • Receiving an ESTA denial puts citizens into a low situation making them feel they are barred from visiting the US for their lifetime. But, the denial doesn’t mean you cannot enter into the US rather you can easily re-apply for the same by visiting to the embassy of USA.
  • Getting an ESTA approval isn’t all. You can even receive denials from the S. Customs and Border Protection Department. Once you land into the US, your ESTA awaits a final screening. In case the US Customs Department finds you unsuitable to enter into the country, they have rights to deny your ESTA approval.