The norm for every foreign country visit is to get a visa first, to visit the United States you should have a proper visa whether it should be a non-immigrant or an immigrant visa. Thus, to travel to the United States without a visa the citizen of the qualified state must possess authorization from USA ESTA (Electronic System for Traveller Authorization) to qualify for the visa waiver program.

If in case, you do not qualify for the visa waiver program, India is among some countries who do not qualify for the visa waiver program. Then you need a Non-immigrant visa to travel for work, study or for a vacation. However, it is not necessary that you will be allowed to enter the US premises even if you have your visa. The visa only indicates that you are eligible to apply for a USA visit for some purpose.

Non-Immigrant Visa:

The visa is generally used for a specific period in the united states for some purpose. Tourists, entrepreneur, and students are the one who applies for Non-immigrant visa. As per the code of conduct designed by the USA ESTA Visa, one must leave the United States once their stay is over.


It is meant for business officials who must visit, the united states on a temporary basis. The purpose of the visit, however, may vary the type of visa they must possess. The business visa is categorized into two types: B-1 and B-2. B-1 are designed for the business associates who are traveling to attend any type of conferences or meetings whereas B-2 visa is for the general purpose of traveling that is for entertainment or medical treatment. Generally, both B-1 and B-2 are allocated as one visa: B1/B2 visa.


According to the USA immigration law, you are required to obtain a specific kind of visa allocated to the foreigners who wished to work and, earn in the United States on a temporary basis. The visa is based on your work type and, what is your role in it. For which again you must get a petition approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services before you apply for your work visa. However, the approval of your petition does not mean that you will surely get your visa issued in case you are categorized as ineligible by the US immigration law.


The visa is required by foreign students who want to pursue their academic careers in the United States. But before you apply for your student visa you must get accepted by one of the educational institutions and should submit your proper document of approval. The application for the student visa should be done within 120 Days so that you can easily travel within 30 Days from the start date.


People who want to take part in the exchange programs in all academic fields must have a proper exchange visa, which should be approved by the concerned authority or sponsor. An exchange visa is meant to enhance a person’s knowledge and academic skills which include science and art as well. It is generally applied by the trainees, researchers, and professors who want to visit for some research or consultation purposes.

Hence, these are some types of Non-Immigrant US Visa but, apart from these there are Religious employee visas and Domestic Employee visas so ensure what type of visa you required before applying for it.