In order to work in the U.S., you need a specific visa on a temporary basis based on the type of work that you will be doing. While the citizens of the 38 countries who are the members of the Visa waiver program can apply for an ESTA visa if their business trip is for less than 90 days. otherwise, the long term business or work plans require the possession of the following types of USA visas.

H1-B for Specialty occupation

You must hold a bachelor’s degree in a specific specialty to qualify for the H1-B visa. USCIS will determine whether your employment constitutes a specialty occupation or not and if you are qualified to perform the service. Your employer must file a labor condition application with the department of labor about the terms and conditions of your contract.

H-2A for Seasonal agricultural workers

This visa allows a US employer to employ foreign nationals to fill temporary agricultural jobs when US workers are unavailable. The employed must fill a form I-129 petition on your behalf. Do remember that Indian’s are not eligible for this Visa.

H2-B for skilled and unskilled workers

When there is a shortage of skilled and unskilled labors in the US, employers can hire foreign nationals except those from India for a seasonal and temporary job.

H-3 for trainees

If you are coming to the US to receive training in a given field from an employer for a period under or up to 2 years, you can apply for this visa. While you can be paid during the time of training, it cannot be used to provide employment.

H-4 for dependents

The spouses and unmarried children who are under the age of 21 of a valid H visa holder can accompany them to the US by applying to this visa. However, those who hold this visa are not allowed to work in the US.

L-1 for intracompany transferees

If you are an employee of an International company that is transferring you to its parent branch on a temporary basis then you are required to carry this visa. You must be at the managerial or executive level or must have specialized knowledge of the position you are supposed to hold in the US company to qualify for this visa. You must also be employed by the international company for continuously one year within the 3 years preceding the application.

L-2 for dependents

This visa is for the spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 of a valid L visa holder. They may receive this visa to enter the US. While your spouse wishes to work in the US, they can submit a form I-765 with the application fee, however, your children are not permitted to work in the United States.

Type O Visa

People with extraordinary abilities in education, science, arts, athletics, and business or achievement in motion pictures and television production are offered this Visa.

Type P Visa

Entertainers, athletes, and essential support personnel who have come to perform in the United States are offered this visa.

Type Q Visa

For the participation in an international cultural exchange program in the US with the purpose of providing employment, training, sharing history, culture, and traditions of your home country a type Q visa is required. The petition must be filed by the sponsor and is to be approved by USCIS.

You should be apparent that an ESTA visa USA is much different than the above-mentioned types of Visa. You can also visit the official government sites to be sure to apply for the right visa.